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Rules #

If you wanna share links of an under 18 girl's sets/vids for profit, or links of individual images for an under 18 model for profit, please do so on /cg/

If you wanna share links of random private images for many under 18 amateurs/candids for profit, please do so on /jb/

If you wanna share links of sets/vids for under 18 whether models or amateurs for free, please do so in /mir/. You can also do it in 155chan's /hebe/ if you're not starting a new thread

If you wanna start a new thread for sharing under 18 images (without links) please do so in /hebe/ or 144chan's /mir/

If you wanna directly embed youtube videos or directly upload small vids under 8MB (i.e without file links) you can so on 155chan's /hebe/

(Only hosts that have no affiliate/premium/"make money"/shekeleer program such as those are considered free. Anything else is not allowed in /mir/ and /hebe/)

If you wanna answer a request on /mir/ with your shekeleer link, first post the link on /cg/ and then link to it in /mir/ without a preview image. Never post shekeleer links directly in /mir/ or /hebe/

Replicating the same thread/link across more than one chan is considered spamming, and so is hijacking the threads of others in /cg/ or /jb/ (just start your own thread)

If you wanna share 18+ whether models or amateurs, and whether for profit or for free, please do so on /sw/

If you have a question or suggestion related to the chan please ask on /spam/ or /disc/ or email us

If you wanna discuss general pedo topics including personal experiences and opinions please do so on /hebe/ or 144chan's /mir/

If you wanna advertise your ontopic site, only do so one time in /spam/ and /disc/ subs, and only after adding our micro tags to your site

For under 18 we allow everything except hardcore & uncensored vaginas

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